Pace Calculator

As well as the pacing charts you can also use this running pace calculator to work out your finish time or your pace over a variety of distances from 5km to a marathon, as well as being able to input your own custom distances.

The calculator is miles/km friendly too!

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Distances covered

This pace calculator covers the following popular distances:

Planning for a PB?

If you’re planning for a PB (personal best) then simply put in the distance of the race, and the time you want to finish in and the pace calculator will work out the average pace you will need to run at.

If you’ve got a GPS running watch like a Garmin then once you know the average pace needed for your PB then all it takes is a glance at the current pace on your watch to know you’re doing okay and that you’re on track.

Work out your pace

You can also work out your pace by inputting the distance and the finish time of your run. If you don’t have a smart GPS watch or use a running tacker app like Strava, then you can simply time your run, and if you know the exact distance then this pace calculator can do the maths for you.