Max Heart Rate Calculator

Here is our calculator which will automatically work out your maximum heart rate based on the most popular methods. The easiest and simplest method is the traditional 220 minus your age but there are other formulas that attempt to give a more accurate reading due to newer research into factors such as age, sex, etc

What is your sex? (used for specific calculations)

Traditional: 220 – age
Gellish: 206.9 – .67 x age
Gellish2: 191.5 – .007 x age2
Fairbarn (male): 208 – .8 x age
Fairbarn (female): 201 – .63 x age
Tanaka: 208 – .7 x age

A note

Just a reminder that these are all estimates based on an arbitrary factor, your age, as as such should only be used as a rough guide. If you really wanted a precise maximum heart rate then you would want to undergo field tests in the real world, giving you an accurate and personal estimation of your maximum heart rate.

For example research has found that most formulas will over-estimate the maximum heart rate for women and so the above Fairbarn formula takes this into account. Other factors include:

  • Genetics
  • Altitude (this will lower your MHR)
  • Body weight (the MHR is typically higher in smaller people)
  • and more

Got more questions about heart rates?

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