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London Marathon Pacing Tips 2024

Pacing tips and advice for London Marathon 2024

London Marathon 2024 is on Sunday 21 April 2024 and if you’re taking part you will probably have some idea of a finishing time you’d like to achieve and therefore a pace you’re going to …

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Is running getting too expensive?

When I first started running I thought it was going to be a cheap hobby, but I was wrong. It may have been true in the first instance when I started Couch to 5k wearing …

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2 weeks after marathon

How I felt 2 weeks after running my first marathon

In March 2021 I ran my first marathon and two weeks later I recorded this video I thought it would be helpful to share how my body. Initially I felt amazing, then felt lots of …

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Funny quiz team names for runners

30 funny quiz team names for runners

How do you know someone is a runner? They’ll tell you! We’ve come up with 30 quiz team names for runners so you can share that fact! It may be a joke but it’s true, …

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London Landmarks Half Marathon

London Landmarks Half Marathon (LLHM) launched in 2018 and is a great opportunity to run on closed-streets through one the world’s most iconic cities, which isn’t something that many of us get to do. It …

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running in hot weather

Running in Hot Weather

If you enjoy running then you’ll always have to contend with a variety of weather, and one that can be the most challenging to run in, for both seasoned and novice runners is hot weather. …

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29 facts about energy gels

Think you know everything (or nothing) about running gels? Here’s a random list of 29 facts about running energy gels.
UK city alternatives to London Marathon 2024

UK city alternatives to London Marathon 2024

London Marathon 2024 takes place on Sunday 21 April ‘24 but what if you didn’t get a place? Let’s talk about some great UK city alternatives to London Marathon. 48,000 runners took part in the …

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Your first parkrun

What to expect at your first parkrun

If you like running then you will probably have heard of parkrun, the free, weekly, timed 5km events held all around the world, but if you haven’t taken part before then you may be wondering …

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Phil's Running Story

Phil – “Taking the competitive out, had put the pleasure in”

Phil from Kent, England, tells you his running story.
Breakfast for runners

What to eat before a long run

Whilst it’s okay to do shorter runs on an empty stomach you will want to ensure you’re fueled correctly before longer runs to ensure your glycogen stores are topped up. If you’re not fueled correctly before …

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Running Coloring Pages

Running Colouring Pages

Get moving with our collection of running coloring pages! Perfect for kids and adults who love fitness and exercise. Download and print for free.
Compare Running Finish Times Calculator

Compare Running Finish Times [Calculator]

This handy tool enables you to compare your running time against 35 million results collected in the last 20 years from more than 28,000 races! So where do you rank? When is comparison useful? There …

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50km pace charts

50km Pace Charts

Ultra marathons are any distance over a traditional marathon and for most this means taking on a 50km race. If you want to go further then 50 mile, 100km, and 100 miles are the other …

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Running Jargon and Glossary

Running Glossary: Jargon and Terminology

On this page we’re diving into the language of runners by exploring the most essential running jargon every enthusiast should know and putting it in this glassary. From “negative splits” to “fartleks,” we’re demystifying the …

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