112 alternatives to Brighton Marathon 2023

Update 28 Nov 2022

Brighton Marathon is set to go ahead as the organisers behind the London Marathon will take over the running of the event and will be granted a licence from Brighton and Hove City Council.

“London Marathon Events has experience of running one of the world’s biggest marathons. I’m sure the 2023 Brighton Marathon will be a massive success. I believe event has a bright future and will go from strength to strength in the coming years.” 

Councillor Martin Osborne,  co-chairman of the council’s tourism, equalities, communities and culture committee

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Brighton Marathon in Doubt?

Brighton Marathon is currently scheduled to take place on Sunday 2 April 2023 but in light of recent news we wanted to share the 112 alternative marathons taking place in the UK and Ireland in March and April 2023.

The marathon weekend has been thrown into doubt with the news in late October 2022 that the organisers, Grounded Events, have filed a notice of intention to appoint an administrator amid reported £1.2 million debts and several legal cases.

If you’ve already purchased your entry for 2023 or perhaps deferred from last year’s event then try not to worry as Brighton and Hove City Council have said they are committed to staging the marathon in in 2023

Of course, you will worry, as preparing for a marathon is a big deal and you don’t want to spend months training only to find the event doesn’t happen, so read on.

Already got a place?

If you’ve got a place at Brighton Marathon 2023 then commit to starting your training and be positive in believing it’s going to happen. You’ve signed up for a marathon and Brighton Council have said it will happen, so at the moment nothing has changed.

There’s a high possibility that another event organiser will step-in to run the event, in which case you have nothing to worry about. The other side of the coin is that the event is cancelled, but at least we’re getting this news in 2022 rather than in the weeks leading up to the marathon.

The training starts now

At the time of writing (Early November 2022) there will be many who are starting their 20 week training plans. If you need this time to get marathon ready then start now. It won’t be wasted time. Each week you’ll be getting fitter, working your way from 5k, to 10k, to half marathons, and then onto those final long runs before tapering for the marathon.

For those that have a higher level of fitness, they may be choosing a 12 week marathon training plan, starting in the new year so they’re ready for that April date.

Brighton Marathon 2022

Look at alternative marathons

There are plenty of marathons taking place in the UK and Ireland in Spring 2023, around late March, early April, the same time as Brighton Marathon, so there’s no reason you shouldn’t be planning on running a marathon.

Okay, it won’t be Brighton and you may have your heart set on that but it’s still a marathon and still a great achievement. Your Brighton Marathon alternative will be smaller than Brighton, but remember this is a back-up, an alternative just in case you get the news that your preferred event isn’t happening.

The added bonus is that a lot of these races will have late entry deadlines in the weeks before the event so you can wait to see what’s happening with Brighton, and if the worse comes to the worse you can can simply sign-up with less of the hassle usually associated with the larger events.

A marathon is still 26.2 miles, no matter the race, and if you get the running bug then there will plenty more chances to run races such as Manchester Marathon or London Marathon, or even the New York Marathon!

Marathons in March and April 2023

DateDayEvent NameCountyDistanceTypeFind Out More
3 March 2023FriEnigma - Retro TvBuckinghamshireMarathonTrailEvent Link
4 March 2023SatGrim Up North - Sithee At The Slawit SlogWest YorkshireMarathon and UltraTrailEvent Link
4 March 2023SatCod Rc - Groundhog MarathonShropshireMarathonTrackEvent Link
4 March 2023SatSaddleworth Ten Res'sGreater ManchesterMarathonMixedEvent Link
4 March 2023SatRas Dewi SantPembrokeshireMarathonTrailEvent Link
4 March 2023SatRock & Road MarathonCo. GalwayMarathonRoadEvent Link
4 March 2023SatPhoenix - Spring Marathon & Half MarathonSurreyMarathonTrailEvent Link
4 March 2023SatBelvoir ChallengeLeicestershireMarathonTrailEvent Link
5 March 2023SunZig Zag - Zig Zag ChallengeSuffolk6 Hour Timed EventMixedEvent Link
5 March 2023SunChiltern KanterBuckinghamshireMarathonMixedEvent Link
5 March 2023SunSteyning StingerWest SussexMarathonTrailEvent Link
5 March 2023SunRunning Gp Oulton Park MarathonCheshireMarathonRoadEvent Link
6 March 2023MonEnigma Week At The Knees Day 1 MarathonBuckinghamshireMarathonTrailEvent Link
7 March 2023TueElephant ChallengeNorthamptonshire6 Hour Timed EventTrailEvent Link
7 March 2023TueEnigma Week At The Knees Day 2 MarathonBuckinghamshireMarathonTrailEvent Link
8 March 2023WedEnigma Week At The Knees Day 3 MarathonBuckinghamshireMarathonTrailEvent Link
9 March 2023ThurEnigma Week At The Knees Day 4 MarathonBuckinghamshireMarathonTrailEvent Link
10 March 2023FriPhoenix - Track Wars Xiv - InspireSurrey6,12, 24 Hour Timed EventTrackEvent Link
10 March 2023FriEnigma Week At The Knees Day 5 MarathonBuckinghamshireMarathonTrailEvent Link
10 March 2023FriPhoenix - Track Wars Xv - Pop-Up Evening RunSurreyMarathon / 6 Hour Timed EventTrackEvent Link
10 March 2023FriPhoenix - Track Wars Xvi - MidnightSurreyMarathon / 6 Hour Timed EventTrackEvent Link
11 March 2023SatZig Zag - Red Rum RunCambridge6 Hour Timed EventMixedEvent Link
11 March 2023SatEnigma Week At The Knees Day 6 MarathonBuckinghamshireMarathonTrailEvent Link
12 March 2023SunPfw Running - Granny'S Bay ChallengeLancashire6 Hour Timed EventTrailEvent Link
12 March 2023SunEnigma Week At The Knees Day 7 MarathonBuckinghamshireMarathonTrailEvent Link
12 March 2023SunMoylemanEast SussexMarathonTrailEvent Link
12 March 2023SunBoundary RunCambridgeshireMarathonMixedEvent Link
12 March 2023SunWinding Paths - Grand Canal Canter ( 42K / 50K)DevonMarathon & UltraTrailEvent Link
13 March 2023MonCod Rc - Codopoly Triple Day 1ShropshireMarathonTrailEvent Link
14 March 2023TueCod Rc - Codopoly Triple Day 2ShropshireMarathonTrailEvent Link
15 March 2023WedCod Rc - Codopoly Triple Day 3ShropshireMarathonTrailEvent Link
18 March 2023SatRunning Events Devon - Pasty & Pie Challenge Day 1Devon7 Hour Timed EventMixedEvent Link
18 March 2023SatDark Skies Run KielderNorthumberlandMarathonTrailEvent Link
18 March 2023SatEndurancelife - Cts Sussex (26.5M / 32.8M)East SussexMarathon & UltraTrailEvent Link
18 March 2023SatGrim - Spring Canal Canter 2023 -Day 1West YorkshireMarathon / Ultra MarathonTrailEvent Link
19 March 2023SunZig-Zag Huntingdon ChallengeCambridgeshire6 Hour Timed EventTrailEvent Link
19 March 2023SunPierrepont Plod – Spring 2023Nottinghamshire6 Hour Timed EventMixedEvent Link
19 March 2023SunRunning Events Devon - Pasty & Pie Challenge Day 2Devon7 Hour Timed EventMixedEvent Link
19 March 2023SunBrightlingsea ChallengeEssexMarathon & 6 Hour Timed EventTrailEvent Link
19 March 2023SunGrim - Spring Canal Canter -Day 2 -2023West YorkshireMarathon / Ultra MarathonTrailEvent Link
25 March 2023SatFudgeathonKent6 Hour Timed EventMixedEvent Link
25 March 2023SatPhoenix - Tiaras & Tutus RunSurrey6 Hour Timed EventTrailEvent Link
25 March 2023SatThe Ultra LoopGreater Manchester8 hour Timed EventMixedEvent Link
25 March 2023SatVotwo - Jurassic Coast Challenge Day 2 (42K)DorsetMarathonTrailEvent Link
25 March 2023SatGin Pit MarathonGreater ManchesterMarathonTrailEvent Link
25 March 2023SatThe Great British Seaside MarathonLincolnshireMarathon & UltraMixedEvent Link
26 March 2023SunZig Zag - Fancy Dress FrolicSuffolk6 Hour Timed EventMixedEvent Link
26 March 2023SunCrispathonKent6 Hour Timed EventMixedEvent Link
26 March 2023SunVotwo - Jurassic Coast Challenge Day 3 (43.6K)DorsetMarathonTrailEvent Link
26 March 2023SunGin Pit MarathonGreater ManchesterMarathonTrailEvent Link
1 April 2023SatGaithouse Events - Florida ChallengeCo. Down6, 12, 24 Hour Timed EventTrailEvent Link
1 April 2023SatPhoenix - The ForTiTude Ring - TiT 1 - 2023Surrey7 Hour Timed EventTrailEvent Link
1 April 2023SatChiltern Trail MarathonHertfordshireMarathonTrailEvent Link
1 April 2023SatZig Zag - April Fools Frolic RunCambridgeshire6 Hour Timed EventTrailEvent Link
1 April 2023SatShropshire Way Marathon And Ultra (80K)ShropshireMarathon & UltraMixedEvent Link
2 April 2023SunThe Rasselbock Run Spring 2023Nottinghamshire6 Hour Timed EventTrailEvent Link
2 April 2023SunPHOENIX - The Gauntlet Ring - TiT 2 - 2023Surrey7 Hour Timed EventTrailEvent Link
2 April 2023SunBrighton MarathonEast SussexMarathonRoadEvent Link
2 April 2023SunGreat Welsh MarathonCarmarthenshireMarathonRoadEvent Link
2 April 2023SunGuernsey MarathonChannel IslandsMarathonRoadEvent Link
2 April 2023SunAbp Southampton MarathonHampshireMarathonRoadEvent Link
2 April 2023SunHigh LodgeSuffolkMarathonTrailEvent Link
3 April 2023MonPHOENIX - The Dauntless Ring - TiT 3 - 2023Surrey7 Hour Timed EventTrailEvent Link
4 April 2023TuePHOENIX - The Resolute Ring - TiT 4 - 2023Surrey7 Hour Timed EventTrailEvent Link
5 April 2023WedPHOENIX - The Perseverance Ring - TiT 5 - 2023Surrey7 Hour Timed EventTrailEvent Link
6 April 2023ThurPHOENIX - The Adversity Ring - TiT 6 - 2023Surrey7 Hour Timed EventTrailEvent Link
7 April 2023FriZig Zag - Easter ChallengeSuffolk6 Hour Timed EventMixedEvent Link
7 April 2023FriPHOENIX - The Intrepid Ring - TiT 7 - 2023Surrey7 Hour Timed EventTrailEvent Link
7 April 2023FriGood Friday Marathon & 50KmBuckinghamshireMarathon / 50kmTrailEvent Link
8 April 2023SatPHOENIX - The Indomit able Ring - TiT 8 - 2023Surrey7 Hour Timed EventTrailEvent Link
8 April 2023SatHermes Running - Magna CartaSurreyMarathonTrailEvent Link
8 April 2023SatEaster Saturday Marathon & 50KmBuckinghamshireMarathon / 50kmTrailEvent Link
9 April 2023SunPHOENIX - The Unbreakable Ring - TiT 9 - 2023Surrey7 Hour Timed EventTrailEvent Link
10 April 2023MonPHOENIX - The Invincible Ring - TiT 10 - 2023Surrey7 Hour Timed EventTrailEvent Link
11 April 2023TuePHOENIX - The Silver Ring - TweT 11 - 2023Surrey7 Hour Timed EventTrailEvent Link
12 April 2023WedPHOENIX - The Golden Ring - TweT 12 - 2023Surrey7 Hour Timed EventTrailEvent Link
15 April 2023SatCrawley A.I.M. Charity  6, 12 And 24 Hour Track Racehour Track RaceWest Sussex6, 12, 24 Hour Timed EventTrackEvent Link
16 April 2023SunManchester MarathonGreater ManchesterMarathonRoadEvent Link
16 April 2023SunDorset OoserDorsetMarathonTrailEvent Link
16 April 2023SunNewport MarathonGwentMarathonRoadEvent Link
16 April 2023SunThe Podplus Kent Spring MarathonKentMarathonRoadEvent Link
16 April 2023SunBoston UK  MarathonLincolnshireMarathonRoadEvent Link
16 April 2023SunBeacon Beast MarathonCornwallMarathonTrailEvent Link
20 April 2023ThurPHOENIX - RM - Jubilee River Races 2Berkshire6 Hour Timed EventTrailEvent Link
20 April 2023ThurBadger ChallengeLeicestershire6 Hour Timed EventTrailEvent Link
20 April 2023ThurRunning Miles - Jubilee River Races 2Berkshire6 Hour Timed EventTrailEvent Link
22 April 2023SatThe Bath BeatSomersetMarathonMixedEvent Link
22 April 2023SatTrail Events Co - Wye Valley Challenge (26.6M & 56K)HerefordshireMarathon & UltraTrailEvent Link
22 April 2023SatPembrokshire MarathonPembrokshireMarathon and UltraTrailEvent Link
23 April 2023SunSt George's Day ChallengeCambridgeshire6 Hour Timed EventTrailEvent Link
23 April 2023SunPhoenix - Not The London Marathon Run 2023Surrey7 Hour Timed EventTrailEvent Link
23 April 2023SunBlackpool MarathonLancashireMarathonRoadEvent Link
23 April 2023SunConnemarathonCounty galwayMarathonRoadEvent Link
23 April 2023SunTcs London MarathonGreater LondonMarathonRoadEvent Link
23 April 2023SunShakespeare MarathonWarwickshireMarathonTrailEvent Link
23 April 2023SunThe Tissington Trail MarathonDerbyshireMarathonTrailEvent Link
23 April 2023SunThe Longhorn Marathon & Ultra (50K & 60K)NottinghamshireMarathon & UltraTrailEvent Link
23 April 2023SunConnemarathon (And 39.3M Ultra)Co. GalwayMarathon & UltraRoadEvent Link
27 April 2023ThurBluebell ChallengeWarwickshire6 Hour Timed EventTrailEvent Link
28 April 2023FriWaterville Trail Running FestivalCo. KerryMarathon & UltraTrailEvent Link
29 April 2023SatPlym Trail Spring Day 1DevonMarathonTrailEvent Link
29 April 2023SatLimitless Trails - Blacks To Beacons (26 & 50M)PowysMarathon & UltraTrailEvent Link
30 April 2023SunZig Zag - Haughley Festival Of RunningSuffolk6 Hour Timed EventMixedEvent Link
30 April 2023SunWaterville Running FestivalCo. KerryMarathonTrailEvent Link
30 April 2023SunGreat LimerickCo. LimerickMarathonRoadEvent Link
30 April 2023SunPlym Trail Spring Day 2DevonMarathonTrailEvent Link
30 April 2023SunEuston Estate MarathonNorfolkMarathonMixedEvent Link
30 April 2023SunThree Forts ChallengeW. SussexMarathonTrailEvent Link
30 April 2023SunNorth Dorset MarathonDorsetMarathonRoadEvent Link
30 April 2023SunBelfast City MarathonCo. AntrimMarathonRoadEvent Link
30 April 2023SunPhoenix - Dragon'S Eye - PurpleSurreyMarathon / 7 Hour Timed EventTrailEvent Link
30 April 2023SunGrim - Roche Abbey Trail Running FestivalSouth YorkshireMarathon / Ultra MarathonTrailEvent Link

Go beyond traditional road marathons

As you’ll see from the listings above, there are lots of events happening outside of the ‘big’ city events.

There are road races which are solely on tarmac, there are ones that are on the trails, so expect grass, mud, and generally more undulation over the course, plus there are those that are a mix.

You will also find events that offer a variety of race distances.

  • Mixed distances – These will run traditional events alongside each other such as half marathons and full marathons.
  • Timed events – These will usually be looped courses, such as 6 mile/10km loops and you will have a time limit e.g 6 hours to compete as many laps as you can. So you can complete a marathon or even an ultra. FYI ultra races equal more snacks!

What about tapering and my final run?

There are so many alternatives that there is no way you’re not going to be able to run a marathon in Spring 2023, but we know runners like to plan and plan, so for some it will be hard to not know an exact date of their run. Don’t stress.

At the end of your training plan you will be tapering, winding down after your longest run to ensure you’re legs are rested and you don’t get any niggles. This marathon taper period is typically between two and four weeks, so there is some wiggle room to when you run your alternative marathon, and sometimes having extra time can be a blessing in disguise if you’re carrying any minor injuries.

Marathon Pacing Charts

You may already have an idea of what your marathon pace is, but if you’ve only run shorter distances then it’s worth looking at the running pace charts to see where you stack up based on shorter runs.

We also have specific pace charts for marathon finishing times too.

Brighton Marathon Runners

Tips for completing a marathon

When you do finally get to run your marathon you will have undergone months of training and realised that there’s a reason it’s regarded as a tough distance. It’s not just a physical challenge but you will also encounter some mental challenges as you aim to cross that finish line, especially as you get to the final third of the race.

This is especially true if it’s your first marathon but don’t worry, you’re not alone in feeling this way, so we’ve written ‘10 tips to help you complete a marathon‘ with advice and tips for the mental challenge of pushing on when your brain is telling you to stop.

A final word

There are thousands of other runners who signed up for Brighton Marathon 2023 and are in the same predicament. Try not to stress and understand that the council and all those invested in the event will be doing their best to make it happen.

Adem Djemil
I only started running at the age of 37, completing the Couch to 5k course, and since then I've been hooked, running 4 times a week and even completing several marathons and an ultra!

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