Funny quiz team names for runners

How do you know someone is a runner? They’ll tell you!

It may be a joke but it’s true, and we’re all proud of what we do, so when it comes to naming your quiz team we’ve got the best names for teams of runners.

We runners love a quiz, and there are usually quite a few organised by those fundraising for charity places at marathons etc so make sure you pick a name that makes you stand out.

If you’re out a social quiz amongst non-runners, then make sure they know you are runners, and if you’re at a club-organised quiz with other runners, show them that you’re not just a runner but funny too!

These team names are pure gold.

  1. Baby Got Track
  2. The Fast and the Curious
  3. Quiz-stance Runners
  4. Sprint Eastwood
  5. Trail and Error
  6. Run-dering Minds
  7. Miles Ahead
  8. Legs Miserables
  9. Endurance Enigmas
  10. Running Out of Time
  11. Jog Your Memory
  12. Trivia Track Stars
  13. Between a Walk and a Hard Pace
  14. Puzzled Pacers
  15. Ultra Intellectuals
  16. Pace Yourself, It’s Just a Quiz!
  17. Hurdling Over Hard Questions
  18. Fast Feet, Faster Facts
  19. The Long Distance Learners
  20. Jurassic Parkrun
  21. The Silence of the Laps
  22. Harry Potter and the Half-Marathon Prince
  23. The Kardashi-runs
  24. Cirque Du Sore Legs
  25. The Joggernauts
  26. Lost In Pace
  27. A Running Joke
Adem Djemil
I only started running at the age of 37, completing the Couch to 5k course, and since then I've been hooked, running 4 times a week and even completing several marathons and an ultra!

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