My first running vlog

I used to have so many misconceptions about running and runners, but it wasn’t until I actually started running that I realised that I had it all wrong.

I absolutely bloody love it, and so I wanted to share my experiences and hopefully help get more people exposed to running and realising that it’s a sport/hobby that’s open to almost anyone.

Excuse me jabbering on, but I really didn’t have a script or any idea of what I wanted to say, but I enjoyed it. So off I went on a 4km run with my Go Pro on a hand grip pole and some sore legs.

It was interesting to see how stable the video and audio came out …and also how out of breath I’d appear. I don’t think it turned out too bad but holding a camera is definitely a bit more distracting so I paid less attention to my breathing and running form.

I think if I took the camera out every run then I could adopt some bad habits especially with posture, but I definitely enjoyed it.

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