I ran a race whilst vlogging… here’s what I learned.

In January 2020 I decided to vlog whilst whilst taking part in a race, in this instance it was the Canterbury 10 Mile Race, which is local to me. Here’s what I learned.

I’ve run the race previously so felt I knew the course etc and would be able to video my run, talk to camera, and generally record the flow of the race.


I’d just started recording some vlogs, but most were of me ambling around on my local runs and just chatting away, so this felt like something that would be a bit more structured but would also be of interest to other runners who may want to see what the course and race were like.

It would also allow me to play with some tech and do some video editing too.

So how was it?

Here’s the final result so what do you think?

As you can the see from the image still above this race is one of the most popular local races.

The positives

Ha, to be honest there aren’t many positives when running and holding a selfie stick, but there are a few:

  • Memories of the run
  • Lots of waves from fellow runners
  • Novelty factor
  • Something to share after the event.

The negatives

That’s not much of a list for positives is it? So here’s why I found it wasn’t a great idea;

  1. I had to hold a selfie stick for the whole race
  2. I wasn’t able to concentrate solely on my running
  3. I was thinking too much about taking videos rather than pacing etc.
  4. It meant I wasn’t in the zone.
  5. I spent too much time at the beginning of the race faffing around rather than making sure I was ready for the race.

Will I do it again? Try to just enjoy your run.

It really does make for a unique video and memento but technology can also interfere with the pleasure of running. The same goes for constantly checking your watch, or taking selfies. I think if you’re taking part in a race then try and enjoy yourself, have a chat with fellow runners, wave at any spectators, and try to have a smile on your face.

Running with a video camera takes some of that away, but it was still nice to give it a go, and hopefully some people found the video useful and insightful.

Adem Djemil
I only started running at the age of 37, completing the Couch to 5k course, and since then I've been hooked, running 4 times a week and even completing several marathons and an ultra!